Next Online Registration for Swim Lessons is August 20th at 8:00am! 

For those that are new to our program we have the following membership type option for registration: Swim Program Registration

This to ONLY be used to REGISTER for a YOUTH SWIM PROGRAM for a PARTICIPANT who does not have an active membership AT THIS TIME (a paid membership will be REQUIRED if the participant gets into the program.) It can ONLY be used to register for a SWIM PROGRAM. This Swim registration will become inactive prior to the first day of the program. A PAID MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED!

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Swim Lesson Program:

Where do I wait for my child? Parents & Guardians are permitted in the pool area or the lobby during lessons. All spectators on the pool deck are required to sit in the bleachers. Please keep in mind that if our teaching staff feels that any spectator is proving to be a distraction to their swimmer, they will be asked to leave the pool deck. If you choose not to sit in the pool area, parents & guardians are more than welcome to sit in the lobby or wait in their vehicles. We ask that all parents stay on site for the duration of your swimmers' lesson.

What do we need to bring? In addition to their swim suits, you should bring a towel, flip flops and a change of clothes if they wish to change following their lessons. Optional, but recommended items include a swim cap and goggles. All swimmers with shoulder length hair or longer, must tie their hair back before swimming. We will provide all teaching equipment for the lessons. This includes flotation aids as well as any teaching tools.

I don’t remember what level my swimmer was recommended for/I lost my progress report. We are happy to look that up for you. Please send us an email at and we will let you know.

I am not sure what level to sign my swimmer up for/I am new to the program, or I haven’t swam in the program for 3 months or more. With the exception of our parent/child classes (SKIPS), and beginner levels (Pike and Polliwog 1) all swimmers need to be evaluated for proper placement. If your swimmer needs an evaluation, please call the Aquatics Department at 973-267-0704 ext. 115.

Aquatics Policies