Calling all neurodivergent girls! If you have been diagnosed with or present with traits relating to ADHD, Autism or other neurodivergence, then this group is for you. 

​Over the course of our sessions, we will meet in a small group to identify and enhance various aspects of the self: awareness, confidence, honesty, and love. This will include comparing and contrasting neurotypical norms and expectations around socialization, communication, thoughts/feelings, regulation, and advocacy. This will all be done in a safe, social environment where your strengths, interests, and ideas are supported and encouraged!

​For Spring 2024, this group is being offered on Fridays from 3:30-4:45pm - in-person. There is no deadline to enroll; participants can join at any time!

$70 per session

**Disclaimer- what this group is NOT: This group will NOT promote masking or camouflaging of behaviors, loss of personal agency or loss of autonomy. We will not seek to reduce stimming behaviors or 'cure' anything. This is a neurodivergent-positive environment intended to lift up and socialize!

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April 29th, 2024