Kid's Night Out - Pokémon Night!

This Saturday, April 13th, we started the night off by hanging out, sharing our cards, looking at different Pokémon cards all while doing some coloring activities.


Then we went outside for a gotta catch them all Pokémon scavenger hunt! After that, we came inside and had a pizza dinner.



After dinner, we played a game where the balloons had to be popped without using their hands or feet. Inside the balloons there were sticker prizes. We then got into small groups and played a sticky slap hand game where the object of the game was to get your card from the center of the circle using your sticky slap hands.


Lastly, we had a popcorn snack, watched a Pokémon movie, and had some Pokémon Battles to end the night.


We can't wait to see you at our night Kid's Night Out, May 18th, which is our YMCA Pool Party Night!

April 16th, 2024