It's always so nice to receive positive feedback and support from our members! Here's a recent testimonial from one of our swimmers.

"I've been meaning to send this email since July, but it just never happened.  I have been swimming at the pool pretty much since the pool has reopened.  I just wanted to send an email thanking the YMCA staff and especially the YMCA pool staff.  Besides going back to my teaching position two weeks ago and an occasional grocery store run, I really haven't been going many places during the pandemic.  I was hesitant at first to go back to the pool - not because of any negative experiences in the past, just an abundance of caution. However, my fears were immediately quelled once I saw all of the rules, procedures, and safety precautions that have been put in place.  It is clear that the staff has worked very hard to ensure all guests are as safe as possible.  This has continued through the reopening of other facilities in the building.Thanks for making me feel safe during this challenging time and allowing me to do something I love on a regular basis: swim."

September 29th, 2020