Dear Members,

We would like to remind everyone of the rules/etiquette when visiting the saunas at the Greater Morristown YMCA. Our saunas are meant for our adult members to relax, unwind, detoxify, and to enhance the benefits of a workout. We ask our members/guests to respect and follow the below DO’s and DON’Ts in order for everyone to have a pleasant experience:


  • Shower Before Entering Sauna: if you plan on going into the sauna after working out, please shower and change into clean clothes first.
  • Respect Personal Space and Privacy: choose a spot that provides all occupants with the most personal space and avoid staring.Refrain from Having Conversations. Silence is the best course of action in order to allow everyone to unwind and relax while enjoying the sauna.
  • Sit on a Towel: for hygienic purposes, please sit on a towel (no bare skin on the wooden benches).
  • Clean Up After Yourself: Please gather all your belongings (water bottles, towels, etc) and dispose of any tissues or other trash in the garbage bins. Wipe down any surface that you personally came in contact with.


  • Cell Phone Usage: Cell phone usage is strictly prohibited throughout the entire locker room which includes common changing areas, showers, bathrooms, and the sauna. Phone usage is grounds for immediate suspension or termination from the YMCA.
  • No Fragrances: Refrain from wearing strong fragrances (colognes, perfumes, strong deodorants) and be mindful of your own body odor
  • Footwear: Socks and sneakers are not allowed in the sauna as they can track dirt and other contaminants in from outside. Additionally, heat and moisture inside the sauna create a breeding ground for bacteria
  • Food, drinks (other than clear water), and gum are NOT allowed in the sauna
  • No shaving
  • Do not dry towels or clothing over the heating units
  • No newspapers, magazines, or any other reading materials are allowed as they pose a fire hazard
  • No smoking or vaping in the sauna or anywhere inside the YMCA building


  • Allow yourself at least five minutes after exercising to cool down before entering the sauna
  • Allow a five-minute cool down period after exiting the sauna
  • Limit your exposure to thirty (30) minutes at a time in the sauna 
  • Drink plenty of water before and after using the sauna 
  • Remove all jewelry before entering the sauna
  • After using the sauna, dress when completely dry because perspiration or chilling may occur
  • For your personal safety, avoid wearing rubberized or plastic clothing


  • Persons with medical conditions should consult a physician before using the sauna
  • Over exposure can cause nausea, dizziness, and fainting. The use of the sauna increases pulse rate, blood pressure and body temperature.
  • The following individuals should not use the sauna: those with heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, circulatory or respiratory problems, seizures, epilepsy, pregnant women, those who are using prescribed or illegal drugs or under the influence of alcohol.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

The Greater Morristown YMCA

February 27th, 2024