Dear members,

Throughout the past four months, we have focused on preparing our YMCA facility for reopening. We listened to every press conference in hopes that the phase 2 reopening of gyms would be announced.

Unlike many of our fellow local gym owners, the Greater Morristown YMCA made the decision in March to immediately freeze all memberships for the time we were closed. We are now faced with the realization that the Y facility may not be permitted to open in the foreseeable future. The Greater Morristown Board of Directors and management team have agreed that the Y cannot continue to offer more than the 4-month extension earned for the period March 16th to July 17th.

Our YMCA will honor this extension, but can no longer to continue to give further extensions since the financial stability and future of our organization is at stake.

You must notify us, in writing, by August 16th, 2020, if you choose to take the extension.

Please email Membership Extensions at along with your name, address, and membership number.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.
Best regards,
Carol Armour
President & CEO 

July 15th, 2020