Dear Members,

During this unprecedented and challenging time in our country, the Greater Morristown YMCA continues to provide support to our community in spite of the growing concerns. As are all Americans, we are hoping and praying that the duration of the quarantine will be short, but in the meantime all the expenses of maintaining our YMCA continue. 

We have furloughed our part time staff and will be doing the same with many full-time employees. All our offsite childcare centers, adult day care and other programming, with the exception of Atlantic Health System's Childcare Center, where we provide care for this essential services employees' children, have been shuttered.

Since the length of time the shutdown changes from day to day, the extent of the financial impact on our YMCA, is unknown. We value you, our loyal members and who have stuck with us through thick and thin. During these trying times, we hope you will continue to do the same. We have decided to extend your memberships based on your expiration date for the amount of time the government has deemed closure necessary.

Our mission is for a healthy community, both physically and mentally, and know that the YMCA experience will hasten the healing process long after the Covid-19 virus is gone. We are all making sacrifices in a concerted effort to stop the spread of the virus. We hope you continue to support us so that we may come back stronger and better than ever!

May you and your loved ones stay well throughout this trying period of time.

Carol Armour

March 18th, 2020