Summer Swim Registration is Open!

An evaluation is required to register for all levels with the exception of our beginner levels: Skips, Pikes, Polliwog 1 and Intro to Swimming.

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For more information about swim lessons or to schedule a swim evaluation, please call 973.267.0704 ext. 115 or email If you need help accessing your membership account, or need us to set you up with an online account, please reach out to the Member Services Desk at 973.267.0704 and we will be happy to help you.

For those that are new to our program we have the Swim Program Registration membership type option for registration. This to ONLY be used to REGISTER for a YOUTH SWIM PROGRAM for a PARTICIPANT who does not have an active membership AT THIS TIME (a paid membership will be REQUIRED if the participant gets into the program.) It can ONLY be used to register for a SWIM PROGRAM. This Swim registration will become inactive prior to the first day of the program. A PAID MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED to be in the class.

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Skips I, Skips II, & Tadpoles Pikes, Eels & Rays/Starfish Polliwog I & Polliwog II Guppy, Minnow, Fish/Flying Fish, & Stroke Clinic Adult & Teen Swim Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I am new to the program, do I need a membership?

          A.  A GMYMCA membership is required to participate in this program; however, we recommend waiting to sign up for a membership until you have secured a place in the program.  We have set up a special account type that will allow you to register without becoming a member up front; it is called a “Swim Program Registration” account.  We recommend that you set up this account prior to the registration day if you do not have an already existing account.  You can do so by going to the “Sign Up Here” tab located under membership on our website or by stopping into the YMCA.  Once the account is set up, you will be able to sign up online for the program once registration opens.  Once you get a space in a class, someone from membership services or our office will reach out to you to upgrade the membership. If you already have an existing account, please take some time to log in and make sure it is all in order at least 24 hours before registration so any account issues can be resolved in advance.

Q. I am currently enrolled in the program; do I need to do anything to prepare for registration?

          A. We recommend that several days ahead registration opening that you take some time to log into your membership portal to make sure that everything is in order.  Accounts that terminate on or before May 28th accounts will be unable to register for programs.  Please call membership services with any account questions.

Q. I am a beginner level Adult/Teen Swimmer.  Which class do I sign up for?

          A. Our beginner level for our Adults and Teens is called “Introduction to Swimming”

Q. I see two sessions for summer, which one can I sign up for?

          A. You can sign up for either session, or both! Our summer session allows you to sign up for the classes that work best with your schedule.

Q. I’m signing up for both sessions.  What should I enroll in for the second session?

          A. You should sign up for the same level as session 1.  In the event your swimmer moves up between sessions, please contact the Aquatics office and we will do our best to assist you with options. 

Q. I was a spring participant, and I am unable to participate in summer, what should I do when planning for the fall?

          A. We are honoring all Spring Progress reports for our fall session.  However, if your swimmer has taken lessons over the summer, we would like to reevaluate them.  All fall evaluations need to be completed prior to August 16, 2024. 

After reviewing all the information provided above as well as on each of the class registration pages, if you have further questions, please email and someone will get back to you in a timely manner.

Aquatics Policies