Dear Members and Friends,
The Greater Morristown YMCA's 2020 Annual Support Campaign is underway to help secure funding for our Morris County neighbors who need our help due to financial hardship. As a trusted and respected community resource, The Greater Morristown YMCA remains committed to guaranteeing access to all our services regardless of a family's ability to pay. In 2019 alone, our YMCA distributed almost $550,000 in scholarship assistance to the children and families in our community.
Through the generosity of many of you, we:
  • Continued to support the children of clients dependent on Morris County agencies including Deirdre's House for Abused Children, Homeless Solutions, Family Promise, New Jersey Battered Women's Shelter, DYFS, Interfaith Food Pantry and many more
  • Opened the new YZONE and held our first summer camp session with 450 children in attendance, providing scholarship assistance to 25% of the attendees
  • Reached a peak of caring for 736 children under the age of 5 while simultaneously intervening to save a federally funded childcare facility, Children on the Green. Through our help and management, more than 80 children between the ages of 6 weeks through 5 years are still able to receive top-notch daycare today
  • Continued to provide free weekly swim lessons for all 140 of our enrolled preschoolers to guarantee they are all proficient at swimming upon graduation from preschool. Since 1988, we have helped thousands of children avoid becoming a drowning statistic.
  • Continued to provide deeply discounted Adult Day Care at Harmony House to ensure our friends suffering from cognitive impairment are cared for in a safe and loving environment
  • Provided membership and program assistance to 100's of individuals and families
These are just a few examples of our ongoing partnerships and outreach within our community. The need in 2020 is even greater and your generous support can help make a difference in the lives of many struggling to make ends meet. It is only through your donation, along with support for local corporations, foundations, businesses, clubs and organizations, that we are able to fulfill these needs and support the hundreds of our Morris County neighbors in need of a helping hand. Together we can continue to strengthen our community and change lives, one family at a time.

With sincere thanks,
Carol Armour, President & CEO