The Greater Morristown YMCA strives to be more than a gym. We offer a wide variety of services ranging from six childcare centers, a newly opened adult day care center, swimming lessons, summer camp, and healthy heart classes for senior citizens on top of our fitness classes and two weight rooms. We welcome all walks of life and always look to help our members regardless of financial difficulties.

We are glad you choose our Y and we are glad to support each and every one of you through your journey.

Here are some testimonials from our members :

“My daughter Patricia has autism and goes to summer school so I cannot sign her up for swimming lessons at the town pool. With this scholarship I am hoping to get as much swimming as possible”. “Thanks to the Y for this great opportunity”.

A mother is not only able to exercise and feel better about herself, she is also able to bring her family along. “I just want to thank the YMCA, donors, and sponsors… I came from being abused and shattered to being able to grasp control of my life”.

The Y helps the senior citizens in our community by providing them with a place to socialize and exercise. Your donations make it possible for senior citizens to enjoy the many services offered: “I come to the Y 3 times a week, I like the friends I have made here. At my age the world is passing me by, however, I can always talk about the Y”.

The Y is able to bring families together and afford them the opportunity to participate in the different activities offered: “I’m so happy that I can be part of the Y, and I can keep my daughter in good healthy activities very often… I wouldn’t be able to afford my daughter’s classes, thank you so much Y”

The Greater Morristown YMCA provides those with illnesses, scholarships to our fitness classes. Here is a member commenting on the treatment of his illness: “The Y has made it possible for me to get the proper exercise for my arthritis”.

One member was able to make a positive life style change that resulted in over 100 pounds being shed. “This was a community which was full of encouraging people”. “At the Y, I found community and acceptance, I found a place where not only did people encourage me but I could be an encouragement to others”. ?

Testimonial about BackYard Kids Summer Camp:

Shawn attended backyard kids summer camp for the first time back in 2012. He had such an amazing time and it was easy for me to tell. Even though, this meant picking up a sweaty, dirty, and very tired son. The following summer of 2013, Shawn spent the summer in North Carolina with his grandparents; he was not a happy camper. He was not able to be active and around kids his own age. I vowed that the summer of 2014 would be once again fun and exciting for Shawn.

However, with my financial situation I knew that it would be hard for me to afford summer camp. My hours at work got cut back and on top of that there is no child support coming in. Thanks to the Y financial assistance, I am able to receive financial aid and able to send my son to camp.

Shawn attended summer camp 2014 as a CIT. He experienced a whole other positive experience, growth, and love for this wonderful camp. He is just so happy each day, from morning to pick up time. The Y’s financial assistance allows for such happiness and joy that I could never afford.

As always thank you!

Send us why you like our Y and what it has meant to you.

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